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Three Nazi Officials Sentenced to Death by Polish Court; to Set Up Cemetery at Treblinka

Friedrich Gerhard, one of the top officials of the notorious Maidanek death camp who also participated in the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto, was sentenced to death today by a Lublin district court.

A Cracow court imposed the death sentence on Elizabeth Lupka, one of the women guards of the Oswiecim concentration camp. At the same time, Karol Macura was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for abetting the torture of hundreds of Jews in the camp. Former Gestapo chief of Miechow, Philip Ridiger, who was found guilty of having 205 Jews shot to death, also received the death sentence by the Cracow court.

Meanwhile, it was announced that the Polish Government would contribute 1,4OO,000 zlotys towards the erection of a cemetery at Trebling, site of the infamous Nazi camp where thousands of Jews were murdered. The remains of the victims executed in the camp will be interred in the cemetery.