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Board of Deputies Reaffirms Support of Israel’s Stand to Mediator’s Peace Suggestions

The Board of Deputies of British Jews at a meeting today solemnly proclaimed British Jewry’s support for the Provisional Government of Israel in rejecting U.N. Palestine mediator Count Folke Bernadotte’s “peace suggestions” for Palestine when, by., acclamation, it approved a statement by acting chairman of its Palestine Committee, B. Lieberman, reaffirming a resolution adopted last month which declared that further discussions on the present Palestine dispute are possible only on the “basis of recognition of Israel’s sovereignty, which includes full control of immigration.”

The Deputies also approved a statement rejecting Bernadotte’s proposal to place Jerusalem under Arab rule, stressing that the original U.N. partition decision constituted a tremendous sacrifice for the Jews “beyond which Israel cannot go.” The meeting also “regretted” the. British Government’s opposition at the U.N. Security Council to branding the Arab states aggressors in the Palestine war. “Peace can come only when this country and the other Great Powers view the Palestine problem not from the angle of imperialist interests, power politics or oil, but as a great international issue and a challenge to the soul of mankind,” the statement added.

Thirty-five surplus U.S. Army scout cars which were to have been shipped to Israel over the week-end from a Wales port were held there today by British authorities on the grounds that the vehicles might be converted to military use.