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Embassy Pledges to Take Effective Steps to Halt Anti-jewish Demonstrations in China

The pledge that the Chinese Government will take effective steps to discourage anti-Jewish demonstrations in China was made here over the week-end in a letter addressed to the World Jewish Congress by the Chinese Embassy in Washington. The W.J.C. had previously lodged a protest concerning a recent mass anti-Jewish demonstration of more than 4,000 Chinese in Peiping which was led by Chinese Moslems. Anti-Semitic banners were waved by the mob which was exhorted by its leaders to fight alongside the Arabs in Palestine.

The message from the Chinese Embassy, signed by Joseph Ku, First Secretary, stated: “I am sure that everything possible will be done by the Chinese Government to discourage similar demonstrations in the future. The Ambassador wishes to assure you of the friendly sympathy of the Chinese nation with the aspirations of the Jewish people and of the fact that demonstrations you refer to do not reflect the true sentiments of the great body of the Chinese people.”