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Representatives of Former Presecutees Ask Germans to Set Aside Funds for Restitution

A demand that at least ten percent of a fund planned by the German authorities for relief of war victims be set aside for restitution for former persecutees of the Nazis was voiced here today by representatives of the persecutees. The demand was made after consultations with Dr. Erich Kohler, president of the Bizonal Economic Council of the British and American zones of Germany, on a proposed German taxation program for the relief of persecutees and of Germans who suffered damages as a result of the war.

The representatives of the Nazi victims, headed by Bavarian Commissioner for Persecutees Dr. Philip Auorbach, also demanded that the funds set aside for restitution he turned over to competent restitution authorities immediately, rather than waiting for the passage of uniform restitution legislation in both zones. They asked that persons entitled to restitution be exempted from the tax to support the fund, and that persecutees with assets worth less than 20,000 marks and persecutees not engaged in the German economy not be taxed.