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U.S. Authorities in Austria Will Not Permit Irgunists, Sternists to Leave for Israel

Displaced Jews known to “be Irgunists, Sternists or Members of other military organizations will not be permitted to leave Austria for Israel, American military authorities announced here today.

This follows the line of the American authorities in Germany who have halted the emigration of Jewish DP’s between the ages of 18 and 45 whose destination is Israel. Here such military age men will also be frozen despite visas issued to them by Kurt Lewin, special Israeli immigration representative, who recently received official recognition from the U.S. authorities.

Bronislaw Teichholz, president of the International Committee for Jewish Refugees in Austria, returning from a four-week tour of Israel, today told a meeting of Jewish leaders here that all DP camps in Austria must be closed and the Jews sent to Israel. Teichholz said that Israel is equipped and willing to accept the immigrants.