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New Yorkers Will Have Contributed $50,000,000 to U.J.A. by End of Year, Lehman Reports

New Yorkers of every faith and creed will have contributed more than $50,000,000 to the 1948 campaign of the United Jewish Appeal of Greater New York by the end of the year, former Governor Herbert H. Lehman, honorary chairman of the U.J.A. effort in the metropolitan area, told over 200 campaign officers at a dinner meeting held at the Hotel Aster today.

Declaring that this unprecedented sum was helping to finance one of the greatest mass migrations in history, Gov. Lehman revealed that the end of the emergency phase of the Jewish displaced persons problem in the latter part of 1949 is a distinct possibility, provided that American philanthropy furnishes the funds with which to maintain the current rate of immigration into Israel end other havens.

The campaign officers at the meeting launched a special drive to obtain the largest possible number of cash remittances on outstanding campaign pledges within the near future rather than later in the year when many pledges are normally paid. Cash is needed to pay for the transportation and care of more than 10,000 DP’s emigrating from Europe to Israel and other nations every month.

Commenting on the cost of one of the greatest mass migrations in history, Gov. Lehman asserted that: “It takes $120 to transport a person from Europe to Israel–a cost that is being met entirely by the J.D.C. The 10,000 per month that are leaving for Israel cost the Joint $1,200,000. In addition, $400,000 is necessary monthly to aid those going to countries other than Israel. For we are bringing Jews to other countries–to America, to Canada, to South America–wherever they can find a home and a welcome.

“Some may possibly question the ability of Israel to absorb 10,000 newcomers each month. Dr. Joseph J. Schwartz, European director of the J.D.C., assures us that their reception centers are equipped to handle 20,000 a month–twice as many as are now coming in. It takes about $800 to care for a newcomer upon arrival and start him on the road toward being a self-supporting citizen of Israel.” Gov. Lehman said.