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Schacrt’s Best-selling Memoirs Prove He is Still an Anti-semite; U.S. Organ Charges

The official U.S. military government German-language newspaper Neue Zeitung today charged that the recently published memoirs of Kjalmar Schacht, at one time Hitler’s financial wizard, prove that Sohacht is still a Jew baiter, a Nazt and an enemy of democracy.

Schaoht’s memoirs are currently a bestseller, with the first edition of 100,000 copies having been sold out in two weeks, Schaoht, who was acquitted by the International War Crimes Tribunal, has been accused of “attempting to defend the National Socialist regime,” in his book. The former Reichsbank chief’s book was approved by the British military government and was published in Hamburg, in the British zone, but the volume has been distributed throughout Bizonia.