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Iro, JDC Food Rations for Jewish Dp’s in Italy to Be Cooked and Distributed Jointly

The International Refugee Organization mission in Italy, which operates the DP camps, and the Joint Distribution committee have reached an agreement under which J.D.C. supplementary foods will be added to the I.R.O. rations and will be cooked in central kitchens and distributed equally to all displaced Jews in the camps of Italy, it was revealed here today.

Previously, the I.R.O. distributed its rations in raw form to the DP’s, as did the J.D.C., and left the cooking of the food to the individuals. The I.R.O. asked the J.D.C. to agree to the new set-up as a hygienic measure, to prevent living quarters from being used as kitchens and to deter the camp residents from stripping the barracks of wood for fuel. The I.R.O. supplies food with a monthly calorie value of about 20,000 units, while the J.D.C. adds to this 15,000 calories per month.