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Arabs Again Refuse to Permit Food Convoy to Pass to Mt, Scopus; Make New Demands

The Arab Legion in Jerusalem has attempted to dictate new conditions for the Jews guarding the demilitarized zone of Mt. Scopus, it was reported here today.

The Arabs are refusing not only to pass Jewish personnel or food to or from the zone, but also demand that mail addressed for those on Mt. Scopus be censored by the Arabs. These new demands were categorically rejected by Jewish authorities who wonder if these demands may be an indication of an Arab move to resume hostilities in Jerusalem. A U.N. food truck for the demilitarized zone of Mt. Scopus, scheduled for today, was suddenly cancelled by the U.N. chief observer in Jerusalem “because of unforeseen difficulties.”

The Arabs on the Jerusalem front were active during the week-end, mainly concentrating in the Deir Abutor sector, where the Arabs threw dynamite and hand-grenades at Jewish positions. The Israeli Army listed 108 breaches of the truce by the Arabs in Jerusalem during the past weak, ranging from sniping at Government House, in a neutral zone, to heavy mortar and cannon fire directed at the Mt. Zion area. The breaches were reported to the U.N. headquarters at Haifa.