Sao Paulo Jewish Leaders Deny Existence of Any “sanctions” System
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Sao Paulo Jewish Leaders Deny Existence of Any “sanctions” System

A statement disassociating themselves from the allegations made by Rabbi Pincus with regard to communal “sanctions” was made here today to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency by the members of the Congregation of Sao Paulo and by the Emergency Campaign.

The statement declared that Rabbi Pincus wanted only to define the religious doctrine with regard to the problem of communal sanctions without referring specific-ally to the local situation. The article which the Rabbi published in the Chronica Israelita was not motivated by failure to get an official denial regarding sanctions, the statement said.

It emphasized that although the Rabbi does not mention it in his article, the Congregation received an official denial from Gedalia Zuchowitzky, representative of the Jewish Agency, and from the directors of the Emergency Campaign in Sao Paulo, Marplated by anybody in Sao Paulo. “Non-existent sanctions cannot be revoked,” the statement added.

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