American Jewish Congress Asks Truman to Grant Immediate U.S. Loan to Israel
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American Jewish Congress Asks Truman to Grant Immediate U.S. Loan to Israel

The national administrative committee of the American Jewish Congress last night adopted a resolution calling on President Truman to counter Britain’s blocking of the use of Israeli funds held in England by granting an immediate U.S. loan to Israel.

Other resolutions adopted at the parley attacked the United Nations Security Council for “abetting aggression” by barring Israel from U.N. membership; appealed for a unified body to represent American Jews in the furtherance of their civic and cultural interests; and voiced the assurance that the American Jewish Congress would continue to cooperate with the program of the World Jewish Congress.

Dr. Stephen S. Wise, president of the Congress, commended the United States for voting in the Security Council in favor of admitting Israel to the U.N. Louis Lipeky called upon all American Jews to work through their various organizations for the building of a unified nation-wide representative body. Dr, Nahun Goldmann, chairman of the World Jewish Congress executive committee, thanked the American Jewish Congress for cooperating in its work. He pledged a continuing struggle to safeguard the Jewish population in Egypt, Iraq and other Arab nations who face disaster due to an “extermination policy” launched by those governments.

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