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Jewish Community of Hamburg Recognized As Public Institution; Wins Three-year Fight

The Jewish Community of Hamburg has finally won its three-year fight for legal recognition. The Mayor of Hamburg, Max Brauer, formally presented the community with a charter recognizing it as a public institution. Representatives of the British military government and members of the Hamburg municipal council attended the ceremony.

The Frankfurt Jewish Community has become the first such body in the American zone of Germany to represent both Jews residing in the German community and DP’s in the area. The DP committee, which merged with the Community, will remain affiliated with the Central Jewish Committee of Germany. Negotiations for bringing about a similar merger in Munich are already under way and it is expected that by late next month it will be completed.

The Jewish community of Koeln has opened a synagogue. It is housed in a former Jewish nursery which was rebuilt after the war following its return to its former owners whom the Nazis ousted.