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Polish Courts Impose Death Sentences on Germans Who Tortured and Executed Jews

Ludwig Hessler, a former Gestapo official, was hanged here for cruelties he practiced against Inmates of the Jewish concentration camp in Prokocim. Pietr Felishak, a Pole who became a German citizen during the occupation of Poland, was sentenced to death for executing prisoners in the Jewish concentration camp in Sonnenburg.

In Poznan, the court Imposed the death sentence on Fryderyk Neuman, director of the Jewish slave labor camps in the province of Poznan during the war, who was found guilty of inflicting inhuman cruelties on the laborers under his supervision. Witnesses testified that Neuman forced 250 sick Jews in the Krsyshevniki concentration camp into a barracks house where they perished from starvation.

Eugeuniush Matvie jchuk, a Ukrainian who was found guilty of participating in the liquidation of the ghetto in the Polish town of Kamien-Koshirski, was sentenced today to eight years Imprisonment.