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Turkish Govt. Liner, First to Sail for Israel, Bring 500 Jewish Immigrants to Haifa

The Turkish government transport, the “S.S. Cum-##iyet,” left hero today with approximately 500 Jewish emigrants for the Israeli port of Haifa. It is the first state-owned vessel to make the direct run from Istanbul to Haifa.

Anticipation of increasing trade relations between Turkey and the state of Israel was voiced hare today by Cemil Sait Barlas, Turkish Minister of Economy, Barlas stated that an Israeli trade delegation would be welcomed in Turkey and emphasized that “Turkey and Israel complement each other economically, since the former exports raw material and the latter industrial products which this country needs.

Commercial circles in Turkey are looking forward to increased exports Israel. In addition to such supplies as eggs, nuts and olives, Turkey expects to export large shiploads of wood for construction purposes, and fish. Hitherto, there have been no trade agreements between the two countries.