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Nine Israeli Soldiers, Six Civilians Killed by Arabs; Government Take Grave View

Nine Israeli soldiers, members of an Army patrol, are killed in an Arab ambush in the Beit Jibrin area last night, an official communique revealed today. The attack was the second within 24 hours made on Israelis from territory controlled by Transjordan.

An earlier communique disclosed that a number of other members of the party are wounded. Israeli troop units have been scouring the area since shortly after the lash. A government spokesman last night declared that an extremely grave view is being taken of the situation.

The Beirut radio, monitored here, today called the first attack a “serious threat to the peace” and called on King Abdullah of Transjordan to ensure a more careful watch of the borders of the territory controlled by his troops. The first attack ###eft six Jewish civilians, members of a hiking party, dead, and five others wounded. The survivors described their assailants as Bedouins.