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Twelve-hour Debate on Austerity Program Opens in Israeli Parliament; Criticism Voiced

Severe criticism against the austerity program presented by the government yesterday to the Knesset, was voiced today at the opening of a general debate in the parliament. The debate is scheduled to last 12 hours.

Dr. Fritz Bernstein, leader of the General Zionists, in attacking the program, announced that his party will propose in alternative plan. He claimed that by announcing its program prior to enforcing it, the government has helped to create a black market. Criticism of the program was also voiced by Uri Zvi Greenberg on be-half of the Freedom Movement group which is composed of former Irgunists.

The austerity program as made public by the government last night was the subject of discussion today throughout the country with many defending it and others opposing it, Israeli newspapers published critical articles on the ground that the government did not announce sufficient details of the plan.

"A resolution calling upon the Israeli Government to continue its efforts with the United Nations in order to insure the civil rights for Jews living in Arab countries, as wall as their right to immigrate to Israel, was adopted unanimously today by the Knesset.