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International Refugee Organization Plans to Transfer Dp’s to Care of German Agencies

The International Refugee Organization intends to dissolve itself on July 1, 1950, and is planning to transfer to the care of German voluntary agencies those displaced persons in Germany who have not yet been resettled by that date, it was announced here last night by high I.R.O. officials.

It is expected that about 70,000 DP’s, among them approximately 4,000 Jews, will still remain in Germany and Austria by July 1, 1950. These are mostly persons who, because of their health, have not been found acceptable as immigrants by other countries, or who wish to remain in Germany or Austria.

According to the I.R.O. plan, American voluntary agencies such as Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and non-sectarian groups presently working in the United States and in Germany on displaced persons problems, would conclude agreements with their German counterparts. When the transfer takes place, the German agencies will simply assume control of facilities in the DP camps and conduct them in accordance with the agreement reached with the respective American voluntary agencies.