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Israeli Spokesman at U.N. Outlines Attitude on Solution of Arab Refugee Problem

The Israeli Government is prepared to contribute to a solution of the Arab refugee question “in the context of a peaceful settlement,” a spokesman for the Israeli mission at the U.N, stated today. He revealed that Israel has made a number of proposals on the refugee question at the Lausanne peace conference which have not been dealt with.

The statement points out that there have been reports of an attempt to revive territorial plans and principles rejected by the U.N. General Assembly at its Paris cession last fall. “The existing territorial position under the armistice agreements can be altered only by negotiations with the Arab states leading to peace agreements,” the spokesman pointed out. He added that “it would be against the basic principle of the December 11 resolution and inimical to the prospects of an early agreement for any outside influence or pressure to be exerted in favor of any preconceived view of what the final boundaries should be.”