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Israeli Consul to Act As Observer at Budapest Trial of 11 Former Zionist Leaders

The Israeli consul in Budapest will attend as an observer at the trial of 11 former Zionist leaders charged with organizing emigration of Jews from Hungary, which opens here June 17, it was learned here today. At the same time, it was learned that discussions between Israeli Minister Ehud Avriel and Hungarian officials on further Jewish emigration from Hungary to Israel are deadlocked.

Among the defendants, who face a minimum prison term of two years if convicted, are: Bela Denes, Mrs. Bela Denes, S. Denes, Laszlo Fleischmann, Sandor Karto, Magdalena Weiss, M. Feld, B. Schwartz, Jenoe Fraenkl, and M. Frankfurt. It was pointed out here that this is the first trial of former Zionist leaders to be held in any of the Eastern European peoples democracies.