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Ukrainian Police Chief Who Massacred Thousands of Polish Jews is Sentenced to Death

The district court of Lodz today sentenced to death Julian Douletchus, former chief of the Ukrainian police who took an active part during the war in the liquidation of Jews in the Volyn district. In the Berestechko region alone, his police executed 600 Jews. The court also imposed the death sentence on Bronislav Skovron, a Pole, who during the Nazi occupation volunteered to track down Jews who had fled to the woods and denounced those he found to the Nazis.

Representatives of all Polish political parties, local authorities and a police guard to honor today attended the exhumation at Lukow of the bodies of Jews murdered by the Nazis. The bodies were exhumed as a result of the prolonged postwar efforts of Pini Fiksman, one of the few Jews who survived the German occupation, to find their burial place. The mayor of Lukow pledged that the town council would always take care of the new graves at the Jewish cemetery to which the bodies were transferred.