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300 Jobless Israeli War Veterans Demonstrate in Tel Aviv; Demand “work and Bread”

Another demonstration for “work and bread”–this time held by about 300 war veterans–took place here today. The demonstrators reached Hakirya, the area in which all government offices are located, where they were halted by a strong police guard. A delegation was, however, admitted to the Labor Ministry.

The Israeli Parliament today continued its debate on the national budget for the current year. The budget provides for expenditures amounting to 37,000,000 pounds, in addition to a 4,700,000 pound budget presented by the Ministry of Communication. The funds allotted for communications, however, will be replaced by receipts for services.

Pending approval of the budget, which has been turned over to the Knesset Finance Commission prior to its third reading in Parliament, the Knesset today approved a 3,000,000-pound budget for the month of August requested by the government.