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U.N. Conciliation Commission Asks Israel and Arab States to Submit Territorial Claims

Israel and the Arab states taking part in the peace talks here have been asked to submit to the U.N. Conciliation Commission their detailed proposals for territorial adjustments of the U.N. Palestine partition decision of Nov. 29, 1947, it was reported here today. The Arabs are expected to file their proposals tomorrow and the Israelis on Tuesday.

(The New York Times reported today that the Arab states have decided, in advising the Conciliation Commission of their territorial claims in Palestine, to include every Arab state’s maximum demands. According to one observer, the report said, the Arab claims — if met — would “reduce Israel to a small area around Tel Aviv.”)

The Commission also asked the Jews and Arabs to sign a declaration stating that they agree to the solution of the Arab refugee problem through the repatriation of refugees in Israel or resettlement in Arab countries, provided all parties concerned receive technical and financial assistance from the world organization.