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Canada Will Investigate Charges of Discrimination in Selection of Dp Immigrants

The Canadian Government will investigate charges made by Rabbi Abraham Feinberg, of Toronto — who has just completed a five-week tour of Europe and Israel — that Canada’s program to admit displaced persons is being conducted in a discriminatory manner against Jewish refugees in Germany, it was reported today. Rabbi Feinberg charged that documentary proof substantiating his allegations is available in the offices of the International Refugee Organization in Germany.

“One of the heads of the I. R. O. in Germany showed me a document on his desk,” Rabbi Feinberg stated, “which contained directives for I. R. O. officials about the immigration requirements of certain countries. Right at the head of the list was a paragraph reading: ‘Canadian domestic program: No Jews or Armenians.’ Below that was another paragraph, ‘Canadian nurse program: No Jews or Armenians.'”