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Ilse Koch to Be Rearrested on New Charges when She is Released from Prison This Month

Frau Ilse Koch, wife of a commander of the Buchen wald death camp and a notorious war criminal in her own right, will be arrested on now charges when she is released from the women’s prison at Augsberg on October 17, U.S. Army officers said yesterday. The new charges against Frau Koch have not yet been disclosed.

The 43-year-old war criminal was originally sentenced to life imprisonment for her part in the torture and murder of Buchenwald prisoners, but her sentence was later reduced by Gen. Lucius D. Clay, then American commander in Germany, to four years. The public uproar over the reduction of sentence of the woman, who had been charged with ordering prisoners murdered so that she could use their tattooed skins as lampshades and book covers, finally forced a Senate investigation of the Army’s actions.