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Abdullah Says He Will Oppose Internationalization of Jerusalem; Ends Palestine Tour

King Abdullah of Transjordan, who has just completed a six-day tour of non-Israel Palestine–which he refers to as “Western Jordan”–declared today that he would oppose internationalization of Jerusalem, Reuters reported from Amman.

Speaking of Jerusalem and Bethlehem, he said “there are some who advocate an international regime for these cities, but they are Arab cities and graves of Christians and Moslems lie scattered over them. We shall not give up for we are unmistakably linked with this land,” the Transjordan monarch asserted.

Transjordan has called off the meeting of the special Israel-Transjordan committee on Jerusalem which was expected this week. Although no reason for the postponement was given it is believed King Abdullah’s recent remarks on Jerusalem are responsible for the move. The ultra-Orthodox Neturei Karta members who were arrested yesterday following clashes with Jerusalem police over the holding of public festivities in this city were today released.