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Polish Authorities Hang Nazi Collaborator Who Murdered Jews, Condemn Gestapo Officers

The death sentence was carried out here against a collaborator of the Nazis during the German occupation of Poland. He was Josef Dlubak, who was hanged after his appeal for mercy had been refused by the court. Blubak was found guilty of having taken part with the Nazis in the liquidation of the Czenstochowa ghetto and having personally shot many Jews.

Sentence of death was passed by the district Court of Kielce on former S.S. major Otto Busying who ordered the killing of more than 1,000 Jews during a program at Kielce, and committed many crimes against Jews and Poles from 1940 to 1945.

Another S.S. man, Elul Euler, was also sentenced to death by the Warsaw Appeals Court. Euler was found guilty of having been especially gruel to Jews, Poles and Russians while a member of the guards contingents at Mathausen, Gusein Neudorf, and Ebensee concentration camps.