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German Protestant Clergyman Calls on Church to Break Silence on Anti-semitism

Dr.-G. Fricke, German Protestant Church leader ,told a meeting in Offenbach today that the Protestant Church in Germany “cannot remain silent any more toward anti-Semitism” which would be relapse into paganism. Other speakers praised an announcement that the Evangelical Academy will start a “tolerance crusade”

The executive board of the Social Democratic Party of Hesse today requested the resignation of all Offenbach City Councilors who voted to deny the head physicianship of the Offenbach Women’s Hospital to a doctor recently on the grounds that he was Jewish. The party, the board declared in a statement, will not tolerate a renewal of anti-Semitism in Germany and will expel any member or official espousing it.

An official statement Social Democratic Party headquarters also released today stated that members of the party in the Offenbach City Council had announced their decision to defy the party’s order to the Council. The release also noted that the party’s leader, Dr. Kurt Schumacher, was personally intervening in the matter.