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Canadian Official Doubts U.N. Trusteeship Council, Will Solve Jerusalem Problem

A hint that Canada would favor a modified form of internationalization of Jerusalem now under consideration in Genva by the U.N. Trusteeship Council was given here by Leon Mayrand, Assistant Deputy Minister of the Department of External Affairs.

The Canadian diplomat, who has been closely associated with negotiations reting to Jerusalem, said it was doubtful whether the Trusteeship Council would be able to implement the U.N. resolution adopted last December at Lake Success.

“Unless the Council would exceed its authority it is doubtful that it can legally find a solution to the internationalization problem which would then be referred once more, to a special U.N. meeting,” said Mayrand.

Such a move would be regretable because, in the meantime, both Arabs and Jews would have strengthened their position in Jerusalem and it would become difficult to make them accept measures necessary for an “operating internationalization,” he added.