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Israel Ministers Testuy in Herut Libel Tril, Haganah Tortuer of Irgunist Charged

A member of the Israel Cabinet and a former Minister in the Provisional Government appeared this week-end as witnesses in a libal trial involving an official of the Foreign Ministry and a Herut newspaper.

During the trial, the Herut organ raked up old charges that the Haganch had tortured and killed Yedidia Segal, an Irgunist, whose body was found in December, 1947, Immigration Minister Moshe Shapira tostified that be was on a comission which investigated the Segal case end admitted that the man minght have been tortured be fore his death. However, he told the court that if he had been tortured it was done against the orders of Hagansh headquarters.

Former Trade Minister Fritz Bernstein was called to substan tiate Herut charges that men were diemissed from government service because of affiliation with the rightist party. Dr. Bernstein said that the Herutinewspaper’s charges were accourate, adding that he had learned of the truth of these matters while be cerved on the Cabinet.