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Esrael Grants Permission to Egyptians to Use Water Wells Located in Jewish Territory

Egypt has received permission to use water wells located inside Israel territory, according to an agreement reached at a meeting of the mixed Israel-Egyptian armistico commission. The wells are located south of Nirim, in the Negev.

The commission also agreed to establish joint Israel-Egyptian border patrols to prevent continued marauding by Arab bands. Meanwhile, a khaki-clad young marauder was killed yesterday in a pitched battle between a group of six bandits and units attached to the Ramat Gan police station. The clash took place in an abandoned orange prove near the Lydda airport. Two hand grenades, a pistol and housebreaking tools were found on the body of the slain Arab. A Sten gun of British make, apparently abandoned by one of the fleeing Arabs, was also found in the area.