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Religious Midwest Farmers Believe Israel Rebirth Fulfills Bible Prophecy, Publisher Same

Ninety percent of the religious farmers of Kansas are convinced that the rebirth of Israel is a fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy, according to Louis Levand, publisher of the Wichita Beacon, largest daily newspaper in Kansas.

Mr. Levand, who is Jewish, explained at dedication ceremonies at a new Denver Post building, that his newspaper supported the cause of Israel not because the publisher was Jewish but because “our pro-Israel editorial policy was in tune with the thinking of the people of Kansas, northern Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle. During our entire campaign for Israel, we never received one hostile letter,” he added.

Commenting on the problem of anti-Semitism in this country, Mr. Levand declared that “it is in hiding.” Anti-Semitism, he insisted, is “unpopular with 85 percent of the American people today.”