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“decisive Turn” in Anglo-israel Oil Talks Expected Today; Secrecy Veils Negotiations

While authoritative quarters maintain silence about the Anglo-Israel oil talks which were resumed here on Friday between David Horowitz, director-general of the Israel Finance Ministry, and Sir William Fraser, chairman of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, informed circles expressed the belief today that they expect a “decisive turn” in the negotiations early this week, possibly tomorrow.

(The details of a French-Israel trade pact, which has not yet been signed in Paris, were discussed there last week between David Horowitz, director-general of the Israel Treasury, and French Finance Ministry officials, it was revealed during the week-end. The possibility of French capital investments in Israel was also discussed.)

The talks, it was learned, continue to center on the most delicate questions concerning the idleness of the Haifa refineries. It is the extremely delicate nature of the details involved which makes the negotiating parties so reluctant to give out any indication on the progress of the talks, since this might provide ammunition to those interested in frustrating any arrangement reached.