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Two Germans Sentenced for Desecrating Munich Jewish Cemetery; Murderer of Jew Gets Life

Two Germans, Wolfgang Baecker and Max Stemplinger, were sentenced in a German court here to 15 months’ imprisonment each for desecrating the Jewish cemetery in Munich.

An American court in Wuerzburg sentenced Johannes Schrinpf and Hans Fetzer to life imprisonment for murdering a displaced Jew, Hersh Welcz, on February 20. Schrinpf was one of Hitler’s bodyguards.

A court in the French zone of Germany acquitted former Gestapo Captain Walter Haller who was charged with setting fire to a synagogue and demolishing Jewish shops and apartments in Frankenthal during the Nazi regime. The verdict was handed down by a jury after the defendant claimed that he was forced by higher Gestapo authorities to commit these acts. Six other defendants were sentenced to from three to 18 months’ imprisonment each.