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Egypt Demand for Repatriation of Palestine Arabs to Israel Placed on U.N. Agenda

Egypt will insist at the forthcoming session of the United Nations General Assembly that the Assembly carry out the repatriation of Arab refulees to Israel.

In a memorandum to Secretary-General Trygve Lie made public today, Mahmoud Fawzi Bey, Egypt’s chief U.N. delegate, recalled that the Assembly in December, 1948, and again in December, 1949, “gave instructions for the return of the Palestine refugees to their homes and the payment of compensation due to those not desiring to return.” Noting that the U.N. Palestine Conoiliation Commission Commission had not carried out the terms of the resolution, Fawzi Bey declared: “Egypt will ask the General Assembly for effect to be given to those instructions.”

The Egyptian item has accordingly been placed on the Assembly’s provisional agenda. Also appearing on the agenda is a Syrian proposal that the Arab League be given a permanent invitation to attend sessions of the General Assembly.