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Mapam, Mapai Delegates Clash in Histadrut Session over Rumanian Treatment of Zionists

A meeting of the Histadrut Council, policy making body of the Israel labor federation, ended in a stormy session here just in time to avert a physical clash between Mapai and Mapam delegates.

The clash broke out after the General Zionist Laborite delegates proposed that the Histadrut send greetings to Zionist leaders imprisoned in Rumania, and that the federation address an appeal to Rumanian trade unionists to intervene to obtain the release of the Zionists and their transfer to Israel.

The Mapam delegates proposed a milder resolution to the effect that Rumania be thanked for facilitating the emigration of Israel-bound Jews and that hope be expressed that Rumania would avoid hurting the Zionists in Rumania. Mapai representatives immediately attacked the left-wing Socialists and a verbal free-for-all developed, threatening to end up in fistcuffs. Pincas Lubianiker, Histadrut secretary-general, took advantage of the first opportunity to adjourn the meeting.