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Israel Policy of Non-identification with East or West Still in Force, Pariey Hears

Israel has not abandoned its policy of non-identification with either the Western or the Eastern Bloc, Dr. Herzl Berger, Israel Mapai leader, last night told a British Labor Zionist conference.

He added that “our relations with the West are closer not because we chose ##o, but because of the attitude of other powers.” Speaking on the problem of Jews emigrating from Europe, he asserted that in the West Jews could emigrate as a right, while in the Eastern European countries permission to emigrate is granted as a favor. He also said it was not possible to collect funds in Eastern Europe to train pioneers for Israel nor exchange delegations with Jewish communities in these countries.

Melech Nsustadt, another Israel Mapai representative, outlined the domestic policies of the Israel Government and insisted that though the Mapai Party is the major factor in the government coalition it must give way in some instances to the wishes of the other groups in the Cabinet.