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U.S. Can Best Aid Israel by Helping Bring Peace in Palestine, Louis Lipsky Says

“The best service the United States Government can render Israel in its present struggle would be to bring about a just peace between the parties concerned and cease to allow itself to be used by the aggressors to force Israel into compromising positions in the political field,” Louis Lipsky chairman of the American Zionist Council, today told a press conference.

Mr. Lipsky, who has just returned from Israel where he attended the extraordinary economic conference, declared: “It is an affront to the Charter of the United Nations that the great effort of redemption and recovery which is going on in Israel should have to be conducted under the shadow of threat and aggression of United Nations members, and that Israel’s economic stability and progress should be retarded by the pressing need to expand a large part of its inadequate financial resources on military defenses and military preparedness.

“The interrelation of the economic and political espects of the Israeli problem must be taken into consideration. Unquestionably, it is to the advantage of the Arab states to prolong Israel’s economic difficulties and to use them as a political weapon. Only an economically sound Israel will compel such respect by Arab countries and impel them to sit down with Israel for direct peace talks.”