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Proposes Three-year Pian to Complete Jewish Rehabilitation and Resettlement

A three-year plan to complete the rehabilitation and settlement of the needy Jewry of Europe, North Africa and the Near East was procesed today by the Joint Distribution Committee, at the close of its country direct?sed today by the Joint Distribution Committee, at the close of its country directors’ conference here. The cost of the plan would be $85,000,000.

Moses W. Beckelman, J.D.C.’s deputy director for overseas operations, told the final session of the conference, which brought together J.D.C. directors from 19 ?nds throughout Europe and the Moslem world, that “the success of this ambitious and totally-necessary program depends almost entirely on the funds which American Jewry will provide during the coming period to the United Jewish Appeal.”

The three-year program would include four major points: 1. The movement to Israel within three years of some 600,000 Jews from Europe and Moslem areas, as well as continued support for emigration to other countries, chiefly the United States; ## The speeding of economic rehabilitation for hundreds of thousands of family heads ## their present homes; 3. The strengthening of Jewish communities in areas where the ## D.C. is at present providing the bulk of assistance, to help them assume the responsibility for meeting their own needs; and 4. Intensified efforts to fight hunger, disease and povorty among Jews in the Moslem world.

Top priority under the plan, Mr. Beckelman said, goes to emigration. Noting that Israel has agreed to accept 200,000 newcomers annually for the next three years, the J.D.C. leader asserted that “this phase is vital, because if we have sufficient ?nds to carry out this phase of the program, the heart of the whole Jewish problem in Europe, North Africa and the Near East will be solved.”

At a press conference after the conclusion of the parley it was announced that the $85,000,000 which the J.D.C. seeks is over and above the $1,500,000,000 needed by Israel in the next three years. It was also revealed that Mr. Beckelman will consult ##th the Jewish Agency Sunday on the proposal.