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U.N. Security Council Refers Israel, Arab Charges to Mixed Armistice Commissions

The United Nations Security Council this weekend adopted a resolution calling on Israel and its Arab neighbors to settle their charges and counterclaims through the media of the various mixed armistice commissions established in the Palestine armistice agreements. The vote was nine to zero, with the Soviet Union and Egypt, one of the interested parties, abataining.

The resolution notes the Egyptian, Jordan and Israel claims of border violations, expulsions of Bedouins and blockade of Israel and the claims for repatriation. It authorizes Gen. William E. Riley, U.N. truce chief in Palestine, to recommend action to control the movement of nomadic Arab tribes and to report to the Security Council in 90 days on compliance with the resolution. Abba S. Eban, Israel delegate to the U.N., told the Council that despite the fact that Israel supports the action he regrets the Council’s “hasty” action and the language of the resolution which he thought was not entirely impartial.