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Swedish Government Hopes to End International Activities of Anti-semite, Minister Says

Replying to complaints about anti-Semitic pamphlets originating in Sweden which have been received in Australia, the Swedish Minister to this country today expressed the “repugnance” of the Swedish people for such propaganda and said he hoped that a law enacted last year by the Swedish Parliament would soon end such activities.

The statement, which was issued by the Swedish legation here, attributes “this disgusting activity” to Einar Aberg, notorious Swesih anti-Semite whose speciality is mailing anti-Jewish propaganda to persons in English-speaking countries. The Minister also pointed out that until 1949 the Swedish Government did not have enough legal power to prevent Aberg’s activities but that in that year a law, popularly known as “Lex Aberg,” was adopted. It makes a criminal offense the propagation of material which “threatens, lies about or insults any group of people of a certain descent or religion.”

“We expect that through this law it will be possible to put a definite end to actions of this kind, which are highly undesirable and most repugnant to the Swedish people,” the statement said, adding: “Should you hear any more from this Mr. Aberg–which I seriously hope will not happen–I should appreciate your informing me of it.”