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Britain Reported Urging Jordan to Conclude Peace with Israel; Informal Talks Arranged

In an attempt to renew peace talks with Israel, the Jordan Government has taken the initiative in arranging for an informal meeting within a few days between Israel and Jordan representatives for the purpose of discussing outstanding problems concerning Jerusalem.

The problems include the granting of permission by Jordan for the passage of Israel convoys to the Hebrew University and the Hadassah Hospital, granting Israelis access to the Latrun area and to the Holy Places in the Old City, including the Wailing Wall, all of which are located in Jordan-held territory.

The Jerusalem Post says that behind the new Jordan move are British military circles. The British Army leaders, the paper declares, urge the conclusion of peace between Jordan and Israel as a preliminary to the extension of British military bases in Jordan and the establishment of new bases.

The paper asserts that London believes that if the international situation deteriorates, Israel may oppose the establishment of British military bases on the Jordan side of her frontier, especially since it seems that there are no chances for substantial American arms or other military aid to be sent to the Middle East.