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P.s. Gourgey Named to Represent Indian Jewry at Forthcoming World Zionist Congress

P.S. Gourgey, honorary secretary of the Bombay Zionist Association, will represent Indian Zionists at the forthcoming World Zionist Congress this summer.

He was declared elected when the only other candidate for Indian Zionism’s single seat to the Congress, H. Cynowicz, failed to obtain the necessary signatures to a nominating petition. Mr. Gourgey, a non-party man, is known to incline toward Orthodoxy.

At previous congresses, the Indian delegation has also represented the 4,500 Jews of Afghanistan, but this time Afghan Jews are attempting to send their own representative, according to reports from Kabel, where many of the Afghanistan Jews live. The basis for their representation, however, is not clear because it is known that no shekolim–symbol of membership in the Zionist movement–were sold in the country.