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Canadian Government Promises to Consider Israel’s Reparations Claim Against Germany

The Canadian Government has promised to give serious consideration to Israel’s claim for $1,500,000,000 in reparations from Germany. The promise was given by Lester Pearson, Dominion Minister for External Affairs, who received a delegation representing the Canadian Jewish Congress and the United Zionist Council of Canada. He also pledged consideration of the plight of Iraqi Jews.

The delegation, headed by Samuel Bronfman, head of the Congress, said that there is “overwhelming justice in Israel’s claim.” In addition it contended that the Allied Powers should not return sovereignty to any German Government until a substantial reparations payment is made to the Jewish people.

On the matter of Iraq, the delegates expressed uneasiness over the disquieting reports coming from the Arab country. They also spoke of steps which the government can take in the formation of the Canadian-Israel Trading Corporation.