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U.N. Secretary General in Syria; Urges Syrians to Reach Peaceful Settlement with Israel

United Nations Secretary General Trygve Lie, at a press conference in Damascus, Syria, yesterday, indicated that he believes that the Israeli-Syrian conflict could be settled peacefully. “The United Nations,” he said, “provides ample opportunity for the peaceful settlement of such incidents without the use of force, and I am glad to see that the member governments concerned are now using its machinery to serve the purposes for which it was intended.”

The U.N. Security Council will convene again tomorrow at 3 P.M. on the Syrian-Israeli dispute to hear U.N. Truce Supervisor Maj. Gen. William E. Riley and a statement of the Israel Government’s position by its permanent delegate, Ambassador Abba S. Eban.

At the Council meeting last week, the Council decided, on a British motion, to hear Gen. Riley who has been in a hospital here. It was also apprised by the Israel representative that he would be prepared to state the Israel position in the dispute. It was expected that the Council would arrange its time so as to hear Eban tomorrow as well as Riley. Gen. Riley will probably he questioned on many details by Council members.