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Legal Expert of Bavarian Restitution Office Arrested; Charged with Taking Bribes

Berthold Kenrisch, legal consultant to the Bavarian State Restitution Office, was arrested today on charges of bribery and alleged participation in illegal transactions in connection with compensation payments made to victims of the Nazi regime.

Meanwhile, Dr, Philip Auerbach, former head of the Bavarian State Restitution Office who is now under arrest on similar charges, today filed libel action against Justice Minister Josef Mueller in connection with the latter’s statement in the parliament and to the press with regard to Auerbach’s case. Dr. Auerbach accuses the Minister of making “untrue allegations” incriminating him. A libel suit against the Minister would require the waiver of his parliamentary immunity, which is unlikely to be granted.

The prosecutor’s office today reopened the study of charges brought against Dr. Auerbach by five Jews who were held in Gross-Resen concentration camp where Dr. Auerbach was also one of the prisoners. The five testified that Dr. Auerbach, while himself an immate of the camp, had mistreated Jewish prisoners there. The prosecutor seeks to charge Dr. Auerbach with commiting crimes against humanity on the basis of the five Jewish witnesses.