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Jews in Tunis Apprehensive of Growing Moslem Hostility; Large Emigration Planned

Reports from Tunis today revealed that Jewish circles there are becoming increasingly disturbed about the growing hostility toward them of the more moderate Moslem leaders.

The moderate Moslem newspaper “La Nahda” charged Tunisian Jews with using their official position in local life to “support assassins of our Arab brethren in Palestine.” The newspaper also attacked the Jewish community for organizing youth clubs and societies which support the state of Israel.

Preparations for the resumption of large-scale emigration of Jews from Morocco and Tunisia have been made by the Jewish Agency, A. Ofek, European director of the Agency’s Immigration Department, announced here. Emigration from Algeria will also be resumed. Owing to the hostility of North African Moslems toward Israel, the Jews will be unable to board Israel-bound vessels at North African ports. They will first be transported to Marseilles in French ships and then will be transshipped for the voyage to the Jewish state.