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Z.O.A. Criticized by European Zionists for Supporting General Zionists in Israel

A resolution expressing regret over the decision taken by the Zionist Organization of America to support the General Zionists in Israel was adopted here today at the meeting of the General Zionist Council. Delegates from 15 countries participated in the session.

In adopting this resolution, the Council pointed out that by identifying itself with the General Zionists in Israel, the Zionist Organization of America “endangered the unity of the World Confederation of General Zionists.” Another resolution adopted by 30 votes against 10, stressed the need for unity within the General Zionist party and regretted the action taken by the General Zionists of Israel in establishing offices outside of the Jewish States and in encouraging General Zionists outside of Israel to support the General Zionist Party in Israel.

The two resolutions were adopted at the concluding session in the early hours of the morning after stormy all-night debates. Earlier sessions were addressed by Dr. Nahum Goldmann, chairman of the American section of the Jewish Agency, and Moshe Kol, member of the Jewish Agency executive in Jerusalem.