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Israel’s Opposition to Termination of War with Germany Explained

Israel will not follow the example of the United States, Britain and France in declaring the state of war with Germany at an end, an Israel Foreign Office spokesman said tonight. The three powers notified Israel of their intention to proclaim an end to the state of war, the spokesman declared, and asked Israel what this country intended to do. Israel, he added, replied in the negative, considering the special circumstances existing between Germany and the Jewish people.

” The German war against the Jewish people cannot be regarded as having ended,” the spokesman said. He added that Israel could not approve the three-power move. Commenting on the three-power action, he declared:

“For 12 years Germany pursued a hostile cause against the Jewish people with a ruthless persistence unparalleled in any war. Such a course ended with the slaughter of 6,000,000 Jews in Europe,” the spokesman declared. “Six years after the end of hostilities, Germany has not yet made expiation or reparation for the crimes committed by the Nazis, not yet abjured or solemnly dissociated themselves from the appalling record of Nazi rule, continued to enjoy possession of property stolen from Jewish victims prior to sending them to the death chambers, and today, the evil doctrines of Nazism are rampant in Germany. So long as this state of affairs continues, Germany’s war against the Jewish people cannot be regarded as having ended.”