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New York City Art Commission Discusses Memorial for 6,000,000 Jews Killed by Nazis

The City Art Commission here met yesterday to consider a proposed American memorial for the six million Jews annihilated by the Nazis in Europe, but the vote on the memorial was equally divided, for and against approval. The proposed memorial was designed by the noted Yugoslav sculptor Ivan Mestrovic in association with the famous architecht Erich Mendelsohn.

A statement issued by George J. Lober, secretary of the commission, said: “The doubt in the minds of some of the members of the commission was as to the height of the pylon. The commission was favorably impressed by the sculpture has relief on the wall.” Mr. Lober explained that in the original model the pylon, representing the tablet of the Ten Commandments, was designed for a height of ninety feet and has since been reduced to about eighty. It was originally designed, he said, to carry the Ten Commandments in Hebrew on one side and in English on the other, but it has since been decided to have the inscription only in English.