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Zionist Congress Body Demands Release of Zionists in Russia, Rumania, Hungary

A resolution expressing “profound pain” over the fact that the Soviet Government, after supporting the establishment of Israel in the United Nations General Assembly, has not yet released Zionists imprisoned years ago in the U.S.S.R. was adopted today by a subcommittee of the Political Commission of the World Zionist Congress. The resolution is likely to be adopted by the full Political Commission with only a few dissenting votes.

The resolution also urges the Soviet Government to permit Jews to emigrate to Israel, emphasizing that emigration to the Jewish State is “the natural right of every Jew.” The same resolution notes with regret the persecution of Zionists in Rumania and Hungary and urges that the campaign against Zionists in these two countries be halted immediately. Representatives of the pro-Soviet Mapam Party objected to the wording of the resolution and intend to press for their view at the plenary session of the Congress.

The subcommittee also adopted a resolution calling upon the nations of the world to protest against the mistreatment by the Iraqi authorities of Iraq Jews migrating to Israel, and the persecution of Jews remaining in Iraq. Another resolution takes note of the revival of Nazism and anti-Semitism in Germany and Austria and of the danger of these doctrines spreading.